If you own a car manufactured after 2015 then you probably have an electronic display that turns on the camera when you back up, controls your radio, your comfort, sets your destination and answers your phone. Some functions can be voice controlled, but most often you have to look away from the road to programme the touch screen or turn a dial to make your selection – and the glare on the screen makes visibility even harder. This is a recipe for an accident.

One way to help drivers eliminate glare distraction is to install a NuShield Triple A antiglare screen protector. The film sticks to the screen and reduces reflection from incoming glare through the windows or sun roof.  The film also helps to reduce unsightly fingerprints and can be easily cleaned while protecting the display.

If you wear polarised sunglasses or drive a convertible then you will have noticed that the sunglare or the polarisation makes the screen darker and harder to read. For these situations, NuShield offers the DayVue antireflective film which makes these screens visible again. Same features, just a different function.

NuShield screen protector films also help to protect the driver and passengers in the car. In case the display breaks during an accident, glass shards could become flying missiles and injure anyone in their way. This is especially true for today’s larger displays that can be as large as a laptop. However, a NuShield screen protector film will block any shards from leaving the display, even if it cracks into pieces.

NuShield films are easy to install and will protect the display from scratches and damage. This is important if your car is leased as any damage to the screen will likely become your cost to fix.

NuShield provides glare elimination and antireflective films for the most unique applications. We currently provide film sizes for over 15,000 devices; if we do not have yours, we will make you one! Contact NuShield for the best screen protectors made.

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