NuShield has been supporting the medical, health and wellness sector globally for many years now.

If you, or your clinic, use a medical device with an electronic display to check in for appointments, monitor your health or the health of others it is critical to have a NuShield screen protector over the display. NuShield’s Triple A film has an anti-microbial property that kills germs over the surface and prevents the spread of these germs to others.

You may have noticed that in any health care environment, doctors, nurses and support staff rely on equipment and devices with electronic displays to run the clinic efficiently, provide patient information to help them diagnose, treat and keep patient records.  They also encounter germs constantly and can easily transmit these germs from one patient or visitor to another.

Despite best intentions, it is very difficult and time consuming to clean every device after every use so cleaning sometimes gets missed.

However, by installing the NuShield Triple A screen protector film, infection control can be better managed.  NuShield has been providing hospitals, clinics and smaller health care facilities with the Triple A film to eliminate germs from device displays for over a decade. Many medical device manufacturers are also installing this film on their devices before shipping them to end users.

The Triple A film also reduces the sight of finger print smudges and reduces glare and reflections from overhead lights and other sources, unlike other screen protector films on the market. But it is the anti-microbial factor that puts NuShield ahead of all the competition.  The film is very easy to install, can be cleaned as usual and will stay in place for years without any degradation of the anti-microbial properties. The anti-microbial properties are not wiped away when your devices are cleaned with sprays or other cleaning solvents.

NuShield has film sizes to fit over 15,000 different devices from phones to tablets to laptops, and all types of touch screen kiosks and monitors. We can custom cut to fit any device! Contact us now to ensure you are protected –

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