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Frequently Asked Questions

Antiglare (NuShield Triple A) this film minimises glare by scattering incident light and preventing mirror like reflections. This type of glare control is usually best indoors in office, commercial, retail or industrial environments. These films will slightly increase haze on the screen. Triple A film uses a full back slightly tacky rubber to adhere to the screen. In addition to the antiglare quality, the Triple A film has both antimicrobial protection and superior scratch resistance and longevity.

Antireflective (NuShield DayVue) this film works by cancelling incident light. It creates interference patterns that cancel reflected light in the same manner as noise cancelling headphones cancel noise. This is a better technology for bright glare than the Triple A film. The film does not rely on light scattering and therefore is clearer than the Triple A film while offering superior glare control. It is suitable for indirect bright light outdoors and indoors.NuShield DayVue films also have very good scratch resistance but not as good as the Triple A film.

We offer a no-nonsense, money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your NuShield screen protector’s performance and protection, we will refund you the cost of the film. We’ve got the best screen protector on the market, and we absolutely guarantee your satisfaction. 

NuShield screen protectors don’t use sticky adhesive, which can cause bubbles, or even damage your screen if removed too vigorously. Our screen protectors offer much longer life, about three to four times that of vinyl protectors. They can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled repeatedly. NuShield screen protection films have the hardness of glass and are treated to prevent optical distortions. NuShield films use a soft rubber backing that will not damage the screen when removed or leave residues behind.

NuShield screen protection films have passed testing under the harshest conditions for industrial and military applications.

We continue to offer support for new models as conditions warrant. If you have a device that we currently don’t support, but would like us to, please contact us and let us know!

No glare.

No germs.

No fingerprints.

No scratches.

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